The Untamed - 陳情令

Status: Ended
Genre: Martial Arts
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie The Untamed - 陳情令:​ The pugilist world is ruled by the powerful Wen clan, which dominates over the smaller Lan, Jiang, Nie and Jin households. The carefree Wei Wuxian becomes fast friends with the righteous Lan Wangji, and during their adventures, the pair find out that the head of the Wen clan is the evil mastermind behind a series of plots that would wreak havoc upon the lands.    Wei Wuxian’s attempts to protect the innocent members of the Wen clan from unfair persecution leads to disaster, and he goes MIA in the process. Wei Wuxian reappears sixteen years later, and works together with good friend Lan Wangji to solve a series of murder mysteries, eventually finding and defeating the true culprit. Based on the Moxiang Tongxiu's novel Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.    十六年前,天下五分,姑苏蓝氏,云梦江氏,清河聂氏,岐山温氏,兰陵金氏共治天下。温氏一家独大,其余四家均受其苦。众家青年中,江氏故人之子魏无羡性格开朗,和以雅正闻名的姑苏蓝氏弟子蓝忘机相识并引为知己。一次偶然的机会,二人发现了蓝氏一直以来守护的秘密,二人继承遗志,为苍生消除隐患。但没想到一切的幕后黑手正是温氏家主温若寒。众家不堪其辱,合力讨伐温氏。温氏覆灭后,魏无羡却为保护温氏无辜之人不惜与众家对立,最终被奸人所害酿成大祸,误害师姐江厌离,自己也不知所踪。十六年后,消失已久的魏无羡在莫家庄出现,偶遇故人蓝忘机。莫家庄一桩桩诡异的凶案显得扑朔迷离。随着真相一步步揭开,身处幕后的金光瑶渐渐难以隐藏。最后金光瑶身死,蓝忘机承担起了匡扶天下的使命,而魏无羡不忘初心,最终潇洒世间。.​


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