See You Again - 时间都知道

Status: Ended
Genre: Romance
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie See You Again - 时间都知道:​ An accident causes the 31-year-old Shi Jian to fall into a coma. In her dream, she returns to her university days, thus starting another story of meeting her future husband Ye Jia Cheng.     Shi Jian encounters Yi Pei, the owner of a trading business, on the way to visit her husband Ye Jia Cheng. The plane encounters heavy turbulence and causes Shi Jian to lose consciousness. In her dream, the 31-year-old Shi Jian travels back ten years ago to the time when she was still a university student.      After the initial adjustment, Shi Jian decides to start early treatment for her mother's illness. She is also determined to move up the timeline for when she is due to meet her future husband Ye Jia Cheng. Shi Jian witnesses Ye Jia Cheng's life before they met. Yi Pei also falls in love with Shi Jian in this timeline. Although she encounters many trials, Shi Jian finds that happiness is within her grasps after all, yet a tragic accident threatens to tear everything apart.      Can Shi Jian break the confines of time to live happily ever after?     31岁的时简在前去看望丈夫叶珈成的飞机上偶遇易贸集团老板易霈,飞行过程中飞机突然陷入剧烈颠簸,时简晕厥,在梦中独自一人回到了10年前的大学时代。适应转变后,时简开始提早为母亲治病,为闺蜜引路并决心要提前与叶珈成相识相恋。十年之中,时简看到了叶珈成在认识未来的她之前的生活和故事。与此同时,这个时空里的易霈却爱上了时简并成为了她坚强的后盾。时简与叶珈成经历重重困境之后,终获祝福。但看似幸福的结局却被一场意外打破,叶珈成为了救人,死于车祸。心灰意冷的时简最终没能打破时空的界限,她决定在同一时间搭上了同一航班,灾难如期而至。时简在病房苏醒,一梦十年,看到身边的叶珈成感慨万千,所有的回去与归来,都是为了与爱重逢。.​


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